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This listing is for personalizing your flag and truly making it one of a kind! You can add a name/rank/verbiage which would be located at the bottom right of the flag for best visibility.

You can also choose to customize the union (star field) with your own logo, military branch, department patch, etc. On some custom logos, I need to utilize a graphic designer to redraw/convert the logo to a format I can carve with.

If you have any questions, send me a message and I will get back to you quickly. You will still need to place the order for the flag of which you would like engraved.


► Reminders:

• Name engravings will be located at the bottom right
• The union references the star field
• Must reach out prior to purchase on custom union engravings to discuss
• Engravings will be cut directly into the wood and be left without paint/stain
• The protective coating we add brings out the natural beauty of the engraved wood.

Custom Engravings, Add a Name, Badge #, Logo, Military Branch, etc.

  • Basic Union Logo - Engraved Logo that is already available

    Custom Union Logo - Requires graphic designer to redraw logo

    Basic + 1 Stripe - Basic union logo w/ 1 stripe engraved

    Custom + 1 Stripe - Custom union logo w/ 1 stripe engraved

    1 Stripe Engraved - Choosing to engrave 1 stripe (name/rank/etc)

    2 Stripes Engraved - Choosing to engrave 2 stripes (name/rank/etc)

    3 Stripes Engraved - Choosing to engrave 3 stripes (name/rank/etc)

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